Meet the Fur Babies!

We love animals--particularly dogs. We have two Golden Retrievers and five Dachshunds! In addition to our dogs, we also have a cat. On this page, you will find photos and captions giving you insight into our life with these beloved furry creatures. We are so grateful to have them and we hope you enjoy meeting them!

Ginger Ruth

Meet Ginger Ruth. She would have been 12 years old in  January of 2017. She entered Sandi's life when she was a 10 week old fluff-ball! Always a clown, her antics and messes had a way of causing frustration and laughter simultaneously. She loved snow and water and mud. If there was a puddle around, she would find it. She was a faithful companion and extremely loyal to her family. We dearly miss this great big goof!


This is Mocha. She is a one person kind of dog; and I happen to be her person. When I'm home, she is my shadow. If she's not following me around, she's aware of my every move. She's an old soul for sure. She will be 14 in November (2019). 

This is Maya. Maya has been nicknamed "Squirrel Biscuit" because she definitely has her quirks! She and Lucy are litter mates; and, while they look different physically, they are both pretty quirky and particular about things! Maya loves her Aunt Pea (Sandi's family nickname is Sweet Pea--Pea for short). She would follow Sandi anywhere!


This is Lucy. Lucy is Maya's litter mate and she is by far the quietest of the bunch. In recent years, Lucy has lost a bit of her ability to hear well ; and we think it is because of the hearing loss she's become more vocal. She's also become more demanding; however, she is still quieter than the rest of them! Lucy and Maya turned 12 in September. 

This is Buster. At 11 years old (2019), Buster is our old man of the group. He's super sweet. I doubt he's ever met a stranger. However, he gets a bit grumpy with all the activity of "the littles." Even though he's getting older and grumpier, he's still quick to snag a tennis ball and flash a big smile for his people! He's a big ol' love bug and we hope to have him around for a few more years.

This is Lottie. Sandi rescued Lottie when she was about a year old (based on the vet's estimate.) Lottie is stealth in dog form. She's quiet and sneaky. She's sweet and loving. And, even though she's estimated to be about nine years old (2019), she can outrun the younger dogs in our extended family. When she wants to be loved, we have to stop everything and love her! Look at that face? How could we not?? 


This is Gertie. She and Ginger were buddies. And now, she's the star clown of the bunch! She's demanding, persistent, and the funniest dog we have! Sometimes she's a toddler. Sometimes she's a teenager. As frustrated as we might get because of the messes she makes, we find ourselves laughing while we're cleaning them up! Gertie is 9 years old (2019). 

Oscar Meyer

This is Oscar. Oscar is another rescue. He is pretty vocal about things he doesn't want to do. This little guy, by far, has the most energy of the bunch! He's a tiny little dog with a really big growl. We are pretty sure he doesn't realize how small he is. He's scrappy and snappy; but if he loves you, he loves you with his entire self. And, once he loves you, it melts your heart!


Born in 2007, this little guy uses his sweetness and adorable love to counter the sheer chaos he instigates. He is mister personality plus. When he likes you, he loves you. When he doesn't like you, you'll know it! He rules the house and the dogs try to stay out of his way!