Divine Creations

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I'm constantly amazed by the beauty that surrounds us. And I'm always stopping to capture moments. I believe our Creator is an amazing artist, and it seemed fitting to call this section: God's Art.


While I'm certainly not a professional and continue to consider the shots I capture "abstract", to an extent, I hope, in some way, sharing these with you encourages you to become more aware of the beautiful art that surrounds you each day. I hope these shots are an invitation to not only see the "paintings" God creates in nature, but also the life God invites everywhere.

May we each be intentional to "stop and smell the roses."

Or, in this case, at least look at them. 

(Photos to be posted soon!)

Do you have photos you'd like to share? Send them to us and we'll publish them on the site with your credit!